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Instructional and Minor Softball Rules


Games during the Week (Sunday – Thursday night)

* A new inning will not start after 8:30 PM

* The game shall stop at 9 PM curfew time.

Games on the weekend when there is following game

* A new inning will not start after 2 hours from the scheduled start time

* The game shall conclude at 2 hour 15 minutes from the scheduled start time. The game will be treated in accordance with Little League Rules 4.10, 4.11, and 4.12.

Games on the weekend (includes Friday night) when there is a game following, no new inning will start after 8:30 PM


  1. 1-  Each manager is allowed 2 coaches in the dugout/ field area (Instructional manager is allowed 3 coaches) All those coaching and/ or helping managers must have a LL Id Badge displayed on their person.

  2. 2-  Managers or coaches are not allowed outside the dugout cage unless they are coaching 1st or 3rd base. ****** Instructional,*** coaches are allowed in field area to help position players

  3. 3-  Each team will supply one (1) new game ball to the home plate umpire at the start of the game.

  4. 4-  Each team will field 9 players and the option of a 10th. If using a 10th player they are to be used only as a 4th outfielder and must start each at bat on the outfield grass. . Player cannot start as

    an additional infielder.

  5. 5-  Each team must have at least 9 of its rostered players to start a game. A team may borrow up to

    3 guest players to substitute for rostered players. These players must be players from within the same division and arrive wearing their teams uniform. Report all uses of guest players to your divisions commissioner ASAP

  6. 6-  If a team cannot produce 9 players of their own rostered players or a combined 9 of theirs and up to 3 guest players , within 15 minutes of game time, the game shall be a forfeit. The forfeiting team can borrow players from the other team and play the game as a practice game.

  7. 7-  The entire roster will bat throughout the game. Only players present shall be in the batting order. Any player arriving late will be placed at the end of the order. If a player is injured or sick, simply pass over their spot in the order and go to the next batter. A player may return if he is able to. If the sick/injured player cannot return and the team goes under 9 players, they may

continue to play, however ,when it’s that players turn in the lineup, it will result in an automatic

out each time it comes up.

  1. 8-  Managers are responsible to have parents filled out and signed Medical release forms with them

    each game. If using guest players, it is advised to also get a copy of their Medical release forms

    as well.

  2. 9-  *5 run rule is in effect every inning. If a team scores 5 runs , the inning is over UNLESS

    additional runs score on the play before the umpire deems the play over.
    Example, if the bases are loaded and 4 runs have already come in in the inning - a player hits a

    ball into the outfield, the run from 3rd may score, as well as any other baserunners who attempt to score before the umpire calls the play dead.
    Or, Example....runners on 2nd and 3rd with 4 runs already in in the inning and player at bat hits a HR ..... all 3 of the runs will be scored and it would be a total of 7 for the inning.

    Time Limits

  3. 10-  Unlimited runs in 6th inning or any inning the umpire declares will be the last inning in agreement with the manager of the team behind in the game. There is a 2 hour limit on all games. A new inning will not start after 2 hours from scheduled start time.
    ** If the team trailing declines to go by the last inning rules and wants to continue with the regular inning rules because they feel they can get in another inning, they are taking the chance that if the next inning is not complete, the score reverts back to the last completed inning.

  4. 11-  No games will continue into the next time slot at all. Game is over and score reverts back to the last completed inning.

  5. 12-  Stealing - Minors = All bases. Instructional level = stealing of only 3rd base is permitted. Stealing / leading off bases are allowed after the pitch crosses home plate and NOT sooner. If the umpire feels the runner left early , the runner will be called out and it’s a dead ball.

  6. 13-  NO DROPPED 3Rd Rule. Batter is out whether catcher drops the ball or not but runners may steal on a dropped 3rd strike.

  7. 14-  No stealing bases if a team is up by 5 runs or more on wild pitches or passed balls. May still steal bases on a straight steal. No stealing bases of any kind when up by 10 runs or more. No advancing on an overthrow of stolen base. Runners may advance 1 base additional on an overthrow of a play to a base off of a batted ball.


  1. 15-  Speed Up Rule – If the offensive teams catcher is on base and there are 2 outs, that team must replace that base runner with the last batted out of the inning.

  2. 16-  Bunting allowed in Minors No Bunting in Instructional

  3. 17-  ****** New Rule***** batter must have one foot in the batters box at all times. Cannot step

    out of the box between pitches. Exceptions are, if a runner is stealing home, on a Foul ball, to

    avoid getting hit by a pitch.

  4. 18-  Instructional Pitchers rules- Player starts each at bat against opposing team on pitching mound

    with both feet on the rubber. Coach from batting team stands behind the mound and is not to field or interfere with any batted balls. Player pitches until batter a) puts the ball in play b)strikes out or c) has what would be ball 4.

Example- batter hits a ball to left field and runner from 1
2nd base and the ball gets away from the fielder, that runner at 2nd may advance to 3rd and no further. The runner on 1st may advance only as far as 2nd base.

advances to 2

. If there is a play to


There are NO WALKS at Instructional level. In the case of what would be Ball 4, coach now comes from behind mound and pitches to batter. If the batter doesn’t put the ball in play, after 3 strikes , batter is out. Coach from fielding team to stand behind home plate to retrieve any balls that get passed the catcher to speed up the game. No Official Umpires in Inst Division, a coach/parent with Id badge will fulfill the role as umpire.

  1. 19-  A Pitcher may be removed to a different position in the field and return as pitcher at any time of the game. Once player moves from pitching to bench – she cannot return as pitcher.

  2. 20-  Manager or coach may come out to the mound to talk to the pitcher twice in an inning. The 3rd time in an inning and pitcher must be replaced.

  3. 21-  There is no on deck circle and there is no practice swings anywhere while waiting to bat.

  4. 22-  Field must be prepped by Home team prior to the game. This includes lining the foul lines

    pitching circle, putting in the bases and ensuring the portable mound is at the correct distance.

  5. 23-  Field to be raked and dragged by both teams after each game. All equipment returned to each fields shed and locked.

  6. 24-  Coaches may not warm up the pitcher. Player not in the game to warm up the pitcher with catcher mask.

  7. 25-  - All rostered players in attendance must participate in minimum of 2 consecutive innings , plus one additional inning.

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