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Major and Minor Baseball Rules

Major and Minor Baseball Regular Season Local and Highlighted Rules (Little League Rules apply unless superseded by Local Rules) Rev 02/2017

1. Time limits
Games during the Week (Sunday – Thursday night)

  • A new inning will not start after 8:30 PM

  • The game shall stop at 9 PM curfew time.
    Games on the weekend when there is following game

  • A new inning will not start after 2 hours from the scheduled start time

  • The game shall conclude at 2 hour 15 minutes from the scheduled start time. The game will be treated in

    accordance with Little League Rules 4.10, 4.11, and 4.12.
    Games on the weekend (includes Friday night) when there is no following game

  • A new inning will not start after 8:30 PM

  • The game shall stop at 9 PM curfew time.

    2. Each team will field nine players to conduct an official game. (Little League Rules 4.16 and 4.17) A team not having nine players from its roster can utilize one player from that Division. This player must play outfield and bat in the last position of the lineup. A game once officially started can continue with eight players. Under such circumstances the team will play with eight fielders and when the missing players position in the lineup comes up an out will be recorded for that position.

    3. If unable to begin a game with nine players then the game will be deemed a forfeit. In this case the time slot for the field should be used by both teams by sharing players for defensive purposes to conduct a scrimmage game. Pitches will count toward established pitching limits. Managers should use this opportunity to have players learn to pitch.

    4. The continuous batting order will be used in accordance with Rule 4.04.

    5. The League is adopting Rule 6.02(c) requiring the batter to remain in the batter’s box with at least one foot during the entire at bat.

    6. All roster players in attendance must complete a minimum of three full defensive innings. If a player is unable to fulfill their obligation due to a shortened game then they must start the following game and remain in the game until minimal play for that game and the innings owed from the previous game is fulfilled. (LL Rule IV (i))

    7. All players must use an approved batting helmet (Rule 1.16) with a facemask.

    8. There is no stealing home when the offensive team is leading by 10 runs. When the last inning is declared by the plate umpire (time or darkness) the stealing restriction is removed.

    9. There is no on-deck position. Players must not swing or hold the bat in an unsafe manner. Managers are responsible for the player’s behavior at the playing field and at the batting facilities.

    10. Players shall remain in the dugout at all times, unless in a defensive position, on the bases, coaching a base or batting. Dugouts shall be cleaned immediately after the game. Following teams and equipment shall not enter the dugout until the previous team has left. Only adults with an ID Badge are allowed in the dugout or on the field, (manager, two coaches or they can be replaced by designated parent helper who has an ID Badge. One authorized adult must be in the dugout at all times.

11. Players leaving the dugout will only do so with the manager or coach’s permission.

12. Preparation of the field prior to the game is the responsibility of the Home Team.

13. Closing the field and the Equipment Shed at the conclusion of the game including raking and grooming clay areas and rebuilding and placing the tarp on the mound is the responsibility of the Visiting Team. Any equipment missing shall be reported to the league immediately.

14. Spectators who fail to exhibit proper decorum through abusive or threatening language or gestures will, at the request of the Umpire, be addressed directly by the team’s manager. In the event the behavior is not corrected the league official on duty will intercede and repeat the request. If the behavior isn’t corrected the offending person will be told to leave the Park. Failing to do so will result the game being suspended and calling the police for assistance.

15. Managers and coaches wanting to discuss a ruling must first request permission from the Plate Umpire. A Manager or coach shall not approach student umpires. All discussions regarding a Student Umpire’s ruling shall be conducted with or by the Plate Umpire. A student umpire can request to consult with the Plate Umpire. Student field umpires may not eject anyone from the game. The Plate Umpire shall handle disciplinary actions. The Plate Umpire may consult with the league official on duty prior to taking action. When a player or manager/coach is ejected, the Umpire will contact the League President immediately following the game and file a written Incident Report with the League within 24 hours. (refer to Rule 4.06, 4.07, 4.08)

16. All managers are required to umpire any games where the league could not schedule one. The home team is responsible for the next game on that field. The manager may elect to use a coach or designated parent helper. The Managers will be notified if they are needed. In the event no umpire is present; the managers shall split the game or designate one of their staff to officiate. Under no circumstances should a manager use a student umpire behind the plate.

17. Managers do not have the authority to cancel any games without the approval of the Division Commissioner. Managers must call the rainout number to determine whether the League has canceled the games. Once at the field the decision to play is made by the league official on duty and/or the Plate Umpire.

18. Field supplies should be used wisely. This is one of our most costly expenses. Quick Dry should be used on playing areas only and applied after water has been removed. This is not to be used in the dugouts if possible. Field supervisor or league official on duty shall determine if extraordinary use of supplies is necessary.

19. A half inning ends when 3 outs are recorded or 5 runs are scored. There is a maximum limit of 5 runs per half inning.

Additional Rules for Minor Baseball

 M1. There is no stealing home if the offensive team is leading by 5 runs and there is no stealing any base if the team is ahead by 10 runs. Runners are allowed to take their leads (after the pitched ball reaches the batter) with the liability to be put out. If a play is made to put the runner out then the runners may advance. When the last inning is declared by the plate umpire (time or darkness) the stealing restriction and 5-run rule is lifted. However if the inning is unable to be completed the score reverts back to the last full inning for an official game.

M2. The 10-run mercy rule (4.10(e)) is in effect.

Instructional Baseball Local Rules

Warwick Little League Instructional Baseball Local Rules (Revised 2017)

The Instructional level focuses on teaching/learning the fundamentals of catching, throwing and hitting. No scores are kept and there are no team standings. The Manager is responsible for their personal actions as well as their coaches, players and spectators. Badges shall be worn at all times as a visual assurance to parents and league officials that league approved adults are supervising the players.

Local rules.

1. All games shall consist of 6 innings with no new inning starting 2 hours after scheduled start time. All teams shall conduct their warm ups and game within the two hour time limit.

2. Each team shall supply 1 new game ball for every game.

3. The continuous batting order will be used in accordance with Rule 4.04. Anyone arriving after the start of the game shall be placed at the end of the order. The inning is over when three outs are recorded or all players in the lineup have batted whichever happens first. The batting order will be changed each game.

4. All roster players in attendance must participate a minimum of three innings on defense. Players will be moved to different positions during the game giving each player the opportunity to learn about every position during the course of the season.

5. Coaches pitch to their own players for about the first half of the season after which it is a combined player and coach pitch.

6. A 10th defensive player is allowed and is positioned as a 4th outfielder. Outfielders should be placed at a reasonable distance (10-20ft) from the infield. Defensive substitutions are unlimited. Managers should move players in and out of the game and rotate the positions on defense.

7. One manager and three coaches are allowed per team. While on offense a team must have one coach in the dugout, one at 1st and third as base coaches and the other at the pitching mound. While on defense one coach must remain in the dugout, one positioned behind the catcher and coaches in right center and left center field. The outfield coaches shall give defensive instruction to their players. League designated adults with badgers may be used to fill in if one of the all four regular coaches are not in attendance.

8. A coach from the defensive team should back up the catcher to collect passed balls and to instruct the batter if requested by the other team. Five balls should be used. The home plate coach shall collect each ball pitched. Pitched balls shall be held until the at bat is completed at which time balls are thrown back to the coach pitching.

Rev 3/23/2017

9. All players must remain in the dugout at all times unless batting, on base or playing a field position. Players unable to control their behavior may be told to sit with their parent until the behavior improves. This can result in a player losing their turn at bat.

10. There is no on deck position. Players may not swing the bat or hold the bat in an unsafe manner while on, around or near the playing field or batting cage area.

11. Each batter will receive five pitched balls to hit. The batter failing to hit a fair ball shall be considered out after five pitches. If a batter fouls off the 5th pitch the at bat will continue until the ball is put in play or a pitch is not fouled off. When a player is pitching if after five pitches have been delivered and the batter has not reached base or been put out the coach will become the pitcher and deliver a maximum of three additional pitches unless the third pitch is hit foul. In that situation the at bat will continue until the ball is put in play or a pitch is not fouled off.

12. Any player who needs to leave the bench during a game or practice will do so only with the permission of the manager. These players must be supervised at all times by the team or the player’s parent or responsible person.

13. No double headers!!

14. The catcher can wear any mitt.

15. The pitching distance is 37ft.

16. Players may slide. No head first sliding.

17. Any fair ball batted to and remaining in the infield area shall be ruled a single if the batter makes it to 1st Base before being thrown out. No extra bases on overthrows!!

18. If a ball is batted into the outfield a double may be earned if batter is not thrown out at first or second. If a player hits a fly ball beyond the outfielders a player can take as many bases with the risk of being put out. If hit over the fence; a homerun shall be awarded.

19. All equipment shall be returned to the shed and the shed locked. Both teams share the responsibility for dragging and raking the fields after the game or practice. Anything missing from the shed shall be reported immediately to the Concession Stand.

20. Any injury that occurs during a practice or game requires that an Injury Form (available in the Concession Stand) is filled out and left at the Stand. Notify the league official on duty before leaving the Park. Call the Commissioner and Safety Officer within 24 hours. The Manager should make a follow up call to the injured player’s parent for an update on the player’s medical status.

Rev 3/23/2017

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