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Facts about: Warwick Little League
by posted 06/20/2020

 Warwick Little League is a non-profit organization. This means that every single dollar received from registration, bonds and fundraisers go directly to the league and the community. 

   Warwick Little League is run by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are NOT paid employees, we are 100% volunteer. Many of the board members dedicate hundreds of hours per year to help make Warwick one of the premier Little Leagues in the State of New York.

   Warwick Little League has expenses. Some of these are directly related to each child registered and other expenses are operational costs that the league incurs thru ought the year. 

   Some of the fiscal responsibilities that Warwick Little League have are as follows
   1) Utilities- Phone, Electric, Propane, Trash, Water
   2) Field and Facility Upkeep- Fields in 3 different town locations (7+ fields), sheds, concession stand, batting cages, benches, bleachers
   3) Playing Equipment- from balls to catchers gear, training supplies, score books, first aid
   4) Maintenance Equipment- In order to properly operate a league, machinery and tools are needed for proper field maintenance. The concession stand, press box, and dugouts are also likely to incur expenses throughout the year.
   5) Insurance
   6) Safety Clinics

   These are just some of the expenses that the league incurs

   Warwick Little League Refund Policy-

   After review of our budget, for the year 2020, the Board decided that a $25 operational fee per child would be deducted from any parents requesting a refund. 

   Without these funds, the Warwick Little League would not be able to operate and provide the Town of Warwick with Little League Baseball and Softball.

   Please take a ride to Memorial Park. Take a look at the fields, and the amazing condition they are currently in.
   Take a look at the landscape maintenance that is done weekly. The new painting of buildings, new signage, updated batting cages, etc

   Warwick Little League does NOT receive any funds from the Village of Warwick, or the Township of Warwick. 

   When we turn on the lights at Memorial Park, the town does not pay this fee, Warwick Little League does
   When 12 garbage cans are picked up weekly at Memorial Field, the town does not pay for this fee, Warwick Little League does

   At the end of each year, Warwick Board of Directors allocates all funds. Most are used to upgrade our facilities and equipment and/or keep next year's registration fee's as low as possible. 

Finally, The Warwick Little League website clearly states a refund policy, see below. All children were assigned to teams around March 1st 2020. The Little League Board of Directors decided to "Refund $ to parents and not follow our own policy, considering today's environment.

"Refund Policy: If a player withdraws prior to January 1, a $15 administration fee to cover the costs initially associated with registration will be charged. From January 1 to the day of player assignment to a team, a $25 withdrawal fee will be charged. Once a player is assigned to a team, there will be NO refund."

All are welcome to attend our monthly general meeting to discuss finances, learn more about the league, and hopefully volunteer. 
First Tuesday of every month at the American Legion lodge on Forrester Ave. 7:30 Pm

Play Ball!

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