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Safety Meeting Notes
by posted 07/01/2020

Good Morning Everyone,

Just a few things from last nights safety meeting for the season:

1- It is going to be SUPER important that we follow the guidelines that the league has put out there for a successful season

2- Masks are required at all games/practices for when social distancing is not an option.  I have bought my sons neck gators made of light material so that they can just pull it up when they need to and have it around their necks when they don't.

3- Practices are drop off/pick up for parents only no exceptions.  They don't want people hanging around when there doesn't need to be and that goes for having siblings riding bikes/ walking etc...

4- Games are going to be 90 minutes no matter what, 2 parents are allowed to be at games and siblings as well.  Siblings are NOT to be running around the park unattended and they did stress this point.  They can go to the concession stand but they don't want them running around playing throughout thte park.

5- Any baseball being used for the games should only be touched by coaches and players.  Leave foul balls alone otherwise we will have to change up the ball which will slow down the game.

6- Equipment:  Please label any of your childs equipment because sharing is not recommended.  Drinks should be labelled as well and NO GUM or SUNFLOWER SEEDS.  They don't want spitting or anything that could contaminate the area.

I know this seems like a lot but most is commen sense type things.  If you need anything equipment wise please let me know and I can see what I can do.  I know that Modells Sporting Goods is going out of business so they might have some good deals.  Again reach out with any questions or concerns that you might have and I will contact the league if I can't answer it myself.  Practice and game schedules are in the works but as of now I am going to try and get Wednesday/Friday for practices.  Time and location are TBD.


Doug Luciano


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